Answers to questions you may have...

We've been asked a few over the years! If you have a new one, give us a call - 01273 517333 - or email

I already have some chairs - can you design a table to go with them?
Yes. If you send us a sketch or image of a chair we can come up with a suitable table design and vice versa. This goes for anything really - not just tables and chairs.

I am currently building my house and I would like my dining furniture to match other metalwork e.g. curtain poles and a coffee table, can you do this?
Yes. We can either work with the basic design style of Argentia, Thurston, Tahira or Xenos, or alternatively come up with a completely new design to suit your requirements. The same finish can then be applied to each individual piece.

Are you able to make railings and gates for my new driveway?
Yes, we can make and design them especially to suit your individual style in a variety of finishes.

Do you have a Showroom?
No - but you are welcome to come along to the workshop to view any of the pieces you are interested in. Just give us a call to arrange a convenient time, 01273 517333, or get in touch below.

Do you have a Brochure?
Yes we do have a brochure featuring the furniture on this website - get in touch below if you would like to be sent a copy.

What are your prices?
Each piece of furniture is made individually to the client's specification. Due to the range of choices available we do not have a set price list. However, please get in touch to tell us what you have in mind, and we will work on a quote for you.

Are you able to supply the Xenos table base with a granite top?
Yes. Both the Xenos and Thurston table bases can be adapted to take glass, wood or granite table tops.

Can the Thurston be made to be a circular table?

Yes. The Thurston Xenos and Argentia tables can be made square, rectangular and round.

Can Tahira be made as a rectangular table and can I have an upholstered back for the Tahira chair rather than solid wood?
Yes, as each piece is made individually each design can be modified to suit your own requirements.

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